International Journal of Arts, Humanities and Social Studies

Vol. 2, Issue 2, Part A (2020)

Student motivation in higher education institutes during pandemic (COVID-19)


Dr. Hajra Masood


The outbreak of COVID-19 has created an unprecedented crisis in all social and economic sectors globally, thereby affecting multiple demographics. Like all other professions, the student community is experiencing an extraordinary challenge. Not only have their normal lives been paused, their usual academic and co-curricular practices have been replaced by the virtual mode. However, gradually through unlock periods, the situation is coming back to a nearly normal lifestyle. This nascent state of neo- normalization, the dysphonic nature of the changed paradigms, the embedded risk and uncertainty, is evoking psychological concerns. At this juncture, maintenance of motivation has become crucial for students. The present paper is going to focus on the challenges to this motivation and some strategies to overcome the hurdles.

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Dr. Hajra Masood. Student motivation in higher education institutes during pandemic (COVID-19). Int. J. Arts Humanit. Social Stud. 2020;2(2):20-23. DOI: 10.33545/26648652.2020.v2.i2a.70